National Conference of Insurance Legislators To Convene 2017 Summer Meeting in Chicago July 12-15 - Colodny Fass

National Conference of Insurance Legislators To Convene 2017 Summer Meeting in Chicago July 12-15

Date Published: 07-07-2017


The National Conference of Insurance Legislators ("NCOIL") will convene its 2017 Summer Meeting from July 12-15 in Chicago, Illinois.

Highlighted by a keynote speech by former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, the event will feature several sessions on the fundamentals of insurance for incoming legislators, as well as a presentation on the role of rating agencies in insurance markets-also geared for insurance policymaking newcomers.

The various NCOIL committees will also meet during the event.   

  • Notably, the Property and Casualty Committee will hold a general session on the future of drones in the insurance industry. 
  • An Air Ambulance Task Force will meet as an adjunct to the Health, Long Term Care and Health Retirement Issues Committee agenda.   An NCOIL Resolution to regulate this industry is currently in development, stating in part that " . . . NCOIL urges the U.S. Congress to take legislative action by exempting matters properly governed by the McCarran-Ferguson Act, specifically matters central to the business of insurance that are related to health insurance network participation, reimbursement, balance billing, and/or transparency, from the scope of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, thereby permitting States to regulate air ambulance billing in an effort to protect consumers from crippling and often life-altering out-of-network air ambulance bills . . ."

To access the "30-Day Meeting Materials" packet, which includes copies of model laws in development, as well as past meeting minutes, click here.

To go directly to NCOIL's committee working drafts page, click here.

Below is a partial agenda outline of some of the scheduled meetings:

Property and Casualty Committee

Workers' Compensation Insurance Committee

  • Discussion on Illinois workers' compensation reform efforts
  • Discussion on alternatives to workers' compensation for independent contractors
  • Introduction of impact of direct dispense programs on State workers' compensations systems

Joint State-Federal Relations and International Insurance Issues Committees

  • Update on Covered Agreement
  • Discussion on The Office of Independent Insurance Advocate - refocusing federal involvement in insurance
  • Update on Dodd-Frank and Consumer Financial Protection Board developments
  • Discussion on International Association of Insurance Supervisors Initiatives
  • Discussion on draft legislation - "The International Insurance Standards Act of 2017"
  • Update on NCOIL Brussels Initiative

NCOIL - National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC") Dialogue

  • Discussion on NAIC Incorporation by Reference
  • Discussion on NAIC Travel Insurance Working Group's efforts
  • Update on NAIC Insurance Data Security Model Law
  • Update on NAIC Unclaimed Property Model Working Group ceasing drafting efforts
  • Discussion on NAIC Innovation Task Force

Health, Long Term Care and Health Retirement Issues Committee

  • Network adequacy/provider directories/balance billing discussion
  • Anatomy of a health insurance premium: Are Rx prices responsible for a disproportionate share of health insurance premiums?
  • Brief update on Affordable Care Act repeal/reform efforts
  • Discussion on Air Ambulance Task Force activities
  • Re-adoption of Model Laws

Business Planning Committee and Executive Committee




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